för klassiker som The Fly (1986), Videodrome, Scanners och The Dead Zone. Star Wars: 10 Ways The Rise Of Skywalker Can Loseem The Sequel Trilogy.


David Cronenberg interview: 'Cosmopolis', 'Nightbreed', 'The Fly' sequel Director David Cronenberg on his career and R-Patz collaboration Cosmopolis . By Ben Rawson-Jones

Plot Summary: The owner of a cable station discovers a bizarre, pirate broadcast of real life torture and murder as next level zany antics ensue. Review: Well, potheads, this one's for you. There are few films as imaginatively strange as "Videodrome." [Reviewed by: Alex Miller] David Cronenberg, 1999 "You have to PLAY the game, to find out WHY you're playing the game. "Since my first edition of “Cult Classics” was on David Cronenberg’s “Videodrome“, it only made sense to do the next one on its spiritual sequel. Videodrome dealt with television shows that can grow tumours in your mind so that others could control you.

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Or maybe if they made a sequel but that'll never happen. Videodrome · Quick Shop. 3. David Cronenberg.

2 Feb 2021 The movie made it to 4chan due to its silly sequel title and has thus been Videodrome Profondo Rosso and even Robocop and Encyclopedia 

Videodrome (TBA). En annan kultklassiker, ”Videodrome”, är historien om en VD för en liten UHF-tv-station som snubblar Allt vi vet om The Nice Guys Sequel. Videodrome (1983). Trailer.

Videodrome sequel

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Aided by a disreputable college professor, can Lucas reclaim his mind, house, and family? Unfortunately, the sequel coming out kind of leaves us with no other alternative but to accept Deckard was human since old man Harrison Ford is still playing the character. I guess they will be using the theatrical cut as the basis for the story then. Images of the amazing vintage sci-fi, focused on retro science fiction movies, tv-series and artworks. 2013-11-05 Videodrome Review Disclaimer: Contains spoilers!

When Videodrome was being filmed, the creators of Faces of Death had already published a sequel. These disturbing videos were peddled in magazines, and found in the dark recess of video stores.
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I watched Videodrome probably once every month or two. 11 May 2014 Leslie Carlson, a character actor best known for his role as the sinister Barry Convex in the classic sci-fi film “Videodrome,” is dead. He died of  13 Dec 2017 Named Videodrome in homage to David Cronenberg's Directed by Hong Kong's Wong Kar-wai, the sci-fi/drama sequel to In the Mood for  16 Mar 2017 Videodrome is an example of a film where all the elements seem to It's almost as if it is a sequel to his earlier film mixed with his version of  17 Apr 2016 Posts about Videodrome written by C.H. Newell.

Land: Kanada, USA. Speltid: 87 min. Handling: Den skrupelfrie TV-chefen Max Renn älskar sex och  Tour summary - Marseille the Greeks & Romans to the 21st Century

Visit the oldest city in France, interesting angles and accents in this colourful Mediterranean port city - from Le Panier, the old town, la Vielle Charité, les terrasses du MuCEM and the gardens of Fort St Jean with its magnificent sea views. eXistenZ, Cronenberg’s 1999 surrealfest, is a half-remake, half-sequel, full-on cultural heir to Videodrome.
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The original sequel script was written by Stephen Schiff (The Deep End of the Ocean, 1997’s Lolita), but a new rewrite is being done by Allan Loeb (Things We Lost in the Fire; co-writer of 21). 20th Century Fox is hoping to get Wall Street 2 ready for production as soon as this summer, 2009. #2 VIDEODROME TO GET REMADE AS A LARGE SCALE ACTION MOVIE

Videodrome 2 is a cinema, bar and film rental shop located in the heart of Marseille. Run by SCOP DCA (Alternative Cinematographic Diffusion) and the Solaris association, it offers an alternative and experimental film programme.

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But Videodrome? Now that’s going too far. Sadly, according to Variety, Universal Pictures has acquired the rights to the 1983 Canadian shocker, and a remake is already in the works.

Ace of Spades; Ange Blanc; Maison Casablanca; Le Cours Julien; Randonnees theatrales Marcel Pagnol Cie Dans la cour des Grands; Savonnerie Marseillaise de la Licorne; Pub Crawl; O Lounge Fish SPA; Le Molotov; Le Jam; Nuad Sen; L'Arthemuse; Divine Comedie; Baby Club; L'Art de la Fromagerie; Nightlife in Marseille Directed by David Cronenberg. With James Woods, Debbie Harry, Sonja Smits, Peter Dvorsky. A programmer at a TV station that specializes in adult entertainment searches for the producers of a dangerous and bizarre broadcast. Videodrome 2. Close. 272. Posted by 1 year ago.

17 Aug 2016 The concept of found footage has been around for several decades in experimental art and video, documentaries and films. It was co-opted and 

A lot of the same themes are here and Cronenberg had more money and chops to do something better with that film. We have a lot here however Videodrome is a 1983 Canadian postmodernist science fiction body horror film written and directed by David Cronenberg, starring James Woods, Sonja Smits, and Deborah Harry. Set in Toronto in the early 1980s, it follows the CEO of a small television station who discovers a broadcast signal featuring extreme violence and torture. Layers of deception unfold as he uncovers the signal's source and "Death to videodrome, Long live the new flesh!"Muerte a videodrome, ¡larga vida a la nueva carne! Tour summary - Marseille the Greeks & Romans to the 21st Century

Visit the oldest city in France, interesting angles and accents in this colourful Mediterranean port city - from Le Panier, the old town, la Vielle Charité, les terrasses du MuCEM and the gardens of Fort St Jean with its magnificent sea views.

It is a surreal movie, fully embodying Cronenberg's affinity for Body Horror, and like all of his movies, it also has a strong intellectual undercurrent.The film deals with Marshall McLuhan's philosophies and examines the relationship between television and its audience. Videodrome is a dark Canadian movie about a sleazy CEO of a small cable TV station and his discovery of a broadcast signal featuring live torture and murder. As fascination turns into obsession, then into physical illness, the movie symbolically describes, in a very extreme and graphic way, the impact of mass media perversity on the human psyche, as well as the dark forces behind it. Videodrome anticipates much of the social commentary around violence and entertainment that would erupt in the 1980s. Somehow miraculously escaping banning in any number of countries, Videodrome in its use of virtual reality, the discussion around the desensitizing aspects of violence-as-entertainment, how it predicts the paranoia and conspiracy theories that dominate discussion today, is 1983-02-04 And this flies in the face of some of the lazier readings of Cronenberg's 1983 masterpiece. It's easy to look at Videodrome and see something surreal, stream of consciousness, where people behave according to no explicable schema.Or as something reality bending, a case of it-was-all-a-hallucination-OR-WAS-IT.But that's not it at all: Videodrome is, by intent, a realistic film. EXCLUSIVE: Celebrated commercials helmer Adam Berg is in talks to make his feature directing debut on Videodrome, the remake of the 1983 David Cronenberg-directed film that is set up at Universal DEAD RINGERS.